Dr Hilda Ganesen

Female Family Physician

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Dr Hilda Ganesen


Dr Hilda Ganesen is a female Family Physician with a postgraduate masters degree in Family Medicine. She practices from Core Medical Centre, a brand new vibrant multidisciplinary Medical Center, in Durban North.


She has extensive experience in Primary Health Care Medicine. 

Preventative Medicine: The initial consultation includes a medical history to highlight possible non related risk factors for associated diseases. She will encourage early prevention and detection of diseases.

Womens Health: Pap smears are done at the practice.  Advise on contraception, menopause, breast cancer screening and pregnancy is the core of the medical care for women.  She will address sensitive issues with teenagers regarding menstrual abnormalities.

Children:  Dr Ganesen was previously based at the Durban North Childrens Medical Centre.  As a mother herself, she understands that special patience needed with children. Her approach to children is warm and non intimidating.  Children are encouraged to see the doctor in a positive light.

HIV Medicine: Dr Ganesen published a scientific paper on the initiation of antiretroviral therapy at public clinics in the Ilembe District in KwaZulu Natal. She has extensive knowledge on HIV, the diagnosis of HIV, treatment and monitoring of side effects, post exposure prophylaxis.  She manages patients infected with the virus according to international guidelines. 

Diabetes Mellitus: The practice is CDE accredited.  Diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of complication from diabetes mellitus is central in managing diabetes.

Discovery Health Premier Practice: The practice is accredited as a premier practice to manage chronic conditions including hypertension, diabetes mellitus, ischaemic heart disease, hyperlipidaemia ( high cholesterol) and HIV/AIDS.

Discovery Health has granted the practice permission in 2019 to do Discovery Wellness Checks on all patients above 18 years old.  The wellness benefit is not from your day to day savings. This includes : BP, blood sugar,  a full cholesterol test, weight, height and pap smears for females. ( However pap smears are billed from savings).

If you are keen to utilize this benefit, please book an appointment at 031 5634249.

If you are a Vitality Member, we will upload the details and you will earn additional Vitality points.  We also do Vitality assessments for children.

For added convenience the practice will be open every alternate Saturday for Wellness assessments.